HAPPINESS - Only Real And True Success

HAPPINESS – Only Real And True Success

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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2021)

So many people are looking for that ever-elusive magical phrase SUCCESS. They’re in search of it. But they don’t realize why and most often. They don’t even know what success seems like to them. They may be running hard or attempting the whole thing to attain success, and sometimes they may be suffering and fighting for that one element, that one intention or dream on the way to their thoughts. But what they want to do is drop the idea of success. You only desire success because you consider success will make you happy. Start focusing on doing things that make you happy because happiness is the only real and true success.

The success will come but don’t permit it to define you. Focus on working upon yourself (self-improvement) every single day. Reading, learning, mediation day by day, gratitude every day, and doing all those things that genuinely make you feel excellent, success will come. If you explore human behavior and be conscious of all people when they tell you to know why they want to achieve anything, perhaps then it all comes back to a simple answer. The answer isn’t always based totally on opinion. It’s base on the fact that you will hopefully learn while you start your journey. If you don’t want success just because you believe it will make you happy, then for what genuinely you want success? Irrespective of what answer you give, when you drill down into it, you believe in doing, so it will make you happy.

Do you need to make your parents proud or need to prove someone wrong? Why? You consider it’s going to make you happy in doing so. Do you need to achieve greatness or something similar? Why? You agree with it’ll make you happy in doing so. Do you want to give back to others or create a better life for your family? Why? You trust it’ll make you happy in doing so. Consciously or unconsciously. There’s no doubt. Every motive you need success for is because you believe you will feel better in having it.

HAPPINESS - Only Real And True Success

No same person can argue against that, and there may be nothing wrong with that. It’s the same for every individual on the planet. All of us who desire success, courting, or whatever, need it because they trust at some interval of time they feel better in having it. What better way is there to live than to do every day that makes you happy? It’s the only success. If you had achieved something like an aim, a dream, a trophy, a reward, or anything, and still you are not happy with that then, how could you call that success? You can’t. Happiness is the only real and true success.

To be very clean, this doesn’t mean you need to throw away your goals or prevent striving to acquire your goals and dreams. You could and should still be working on yourself, pushing yourself, getting higher, and growing every day. But you must never be blindly chasing an idea of success, for no conscious cause only because you suspect you’ll look better or be visible as a better person via others while you attain it. Sometimes you need to take a step back and ask yourself honestly: Why? And why do I need this? Will it make me happy ultimately or makes me happy at all? Always try those things that make you thrilled whether the odds are in your favor or not because happiness is the only real and true success.

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