About Us

I’m Divy Gupta, a 20-years-old Entrepreneur, Blogger, Coder, and Salesforce Developer at Nagarro with a strong educational background in Information Technology.

About Us

As a Blogger, I started blogging out of my passion for learning and sharing. The idea of connectivity with like-minded people and be able to share my knowledge with the world. I found blogging to be a fantastic medium for sharing my favorite things with the world. And the best benefit which I felt is that it helps me expand my knowledge of different stuffs around the world.

As a Salesforce Developer, I started Salesforce with a full passion for developing myself within the community. And utilize its services as it has the best services in comparison to other cloud vendors. Salesforce has everything you want to run your business from anywhere. Nowadays, Salesforce is extending its features and having mostly technologies in it. Salesforce is the best medium for coders as well as for non-coders. Because most things we can do with just point and click. And the most attractive point is that Salesforce provides its content on the Trailhead that is a free and fun way to learn.

If I speak about myself, I’m a genuinely all-around guy who loves simplify arduous stuff, a self-governing person who loves to learn new skills and works on them with determination. I always love to keep up with new technologies that help me grow as well. The thing I love’s most and follow to listen to everyone and learn some positives from them. I never miss a chance to develop myself, invest in myself, and become a better version of my life. My attitude, allegiance, and determination distinguish me from others.

Last but not least, one of my favorite activities is to educate and mentor others in the field to fulfill their potential and deepen my knowledge. For any issues, idea sharing, or suggestions, you can contact me directly on my contact page or through social media.